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What is Shopperception?
Shopperception is an innovative platform that brings new insights and data about the shopper interaction with the shelves. Like a Google Analytics for the real world.
How does it work?

Using 3D sensors and proprietary algorithms it detects people, following them while they are in sensor reach.

Our Patent Pending technology allows defining arbitrary 3D zones, and deduces people's behavior based on the analysis of their collisions with them: dwelling, locations, interactions, etc.

This innovative approach allows Shopperception not only to analyze behavior, but also to react in real time nudging the shopper with highly targeted and contextualized messages (Mobile Advertising, Digital Signage Information).

Which metrics does it provide??
7x24 shelf analysis
Multiple and simultaneous people tracking
Traffic Flow analysis based on zones/time
Heat Maps and conversion rates per SKU
Comparative shelf layout performance
More Shopper insights
Multiple events on the shelf
Entrance / bounce paths
Average times in zones
Product traction analysis
Hot activity zones in shelf
The sensor should be installed around 16 feet high (4.5m), with a minimum distance of 2 feet (0.6m). At this height it will give you a shelf coverage of around 7 feet (2.1m) wide. The area on the floor at this height where you can detect a person is close to 11 feet (3.5 meters) wide and 8 feet (2.5 meters) away from the shelf.


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About Us

Ariel Di Stefano Co-founder - CEO

Ariel is passionate about creating and delivering value through innovation. Business focused and strategic thinker, he has experience in senior Marketing and Technology positions in several industries. He teaches advanced marketing in UNSAM.

Raul I. Verano Co-founder - CTO

Raul loves challenges and technology. He has managed development teams for international companies, but also delights in coding and solving hard tech geeky problems. Almost everyone that has worked with him agrees that Raul's management style and positive culture building skills are simply awesome.

Alfonso Perez Co-founder - COO

Alfonso has worked in startups, mid-size, and fortune ranked companies, in industries including advertising, e-learning, healthcare, financial services, technology, manufacturing, and automotive. Some professionals specialize in a set of technologies or tools; He specializes in getting things done.

Juan I. Porta Developer

Juani is the guy that get things done. Always.

Francisco Facioni Developer

Fran is passionate about all things related to computer vision, he found his match here.

Daniel Fazanes Shopper Insights

Daniel has worked on Shopper projects for global brands around the globe. His passion for results is only matched with his focus on answering customer's business questions.

Alejandro Cortes Developer

Alejandro, a.k.a. “Payas”, is a thorough and passionate coder who always gets to the bottom of things. His track record in mission-critical systems is only dimmed by his accomplishments as the creator of the SXE-Injected anti-cheat, used by millions of players worldwide.

Alysson Matos Operations

Alysson is our operational magician in Brazil. He is always improving our customer support and his drummer abilities.