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sensor shelf and shopper

Brands and retailers constantly face the uncertainty of how changes to stores, to categories, to products, will impact the performance of the category, and ultimately sales.

Promotions, pricing strategies, new products, new packaging, placement on the shelf, adjacencies, activation, are examples of investments that retailers and brands make on growing market share, and improving shopping experiences.

These investments are normally backed by data collected from interviewing shoppers leaving stores, sales data from the cash registers, panels of shoppers, virtual stores, and similar indirect and fairly incomplete sources, that often require statistical compensation to lead to actionable insights with positive impact.

Several recent studies have shown that between 70 and 80 percent of new product launches in the groceries sector fail.

Our own research has shown that common best practices, such as placing leading products in end caps or at eye-level on the shelf, do not have the same effect in all categories.

Online retail has mastered the use of relevant, comprehensive, real time, and accurate information in the optimization of their products, shopping experiences, and operations in general. A/B testing, for instance, has led to significant optimization of promotions, product launches, and investments in advertising.

With the ability to capture the entire trip for all shoppers, including interactions with product, at the SKU level, offline retail can now also leverage relevant, comprehensive, real time, and accurate information to test and optimize changes to products/categories/stores, before full chain or regional rollouts. The obvious consequences are better returns on investments in category management, and increased probability of successful product launches.

Shopperception’s Activity Testing provides in-store testing, following a cyclical process of baseline/change/measure/optimize, that delivers clear and comprehensive insights on shoppers’ reactions to the changes, captured from real shoppers, not wearing any devices or actively participating in the research, naturally shopping in real stores.

With Shopperception’s Activity Testing you can validate in real stores, with real shoppers, questions such as:

Is the new location of the product driving additional conversions?
Is the new product canivalizing the competition or the same brand?
Is the new planogram helping better navigate the category?
How is the new planogram helping engagement with product and overall conversions?

The ability to make changes and get immediate feedback removes uncertainty from category changes, protects category performance, and enables optimization based on actionable insights.

If curious about details visit our site: www.shopperception.com, or contact me at alfonso.perez@shopperception.com

See you in the store!

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